Weddings & Events

Wedding, birthday, anniversary, family reunion, graduation – whatever the occasion, it's your special celebration. So enjoy, have fun, and delegate the more mundane arrangements to Cape Cod Linen Rental and Cape Cod Multi-Services.

Remember, our services are available year-round to make your celebration care-free.


Eliminate time-consuming preparations by allowing Cape Cod Linen Rental to provide sheets and towels for your guests. Select natural 100% cotton or comfortable 50% poly-cotton sheets.

Include bed making (for an additional fee) to make things even easier.

Our 100% cotton towels are rented by the set. For warmer weather, the set includes one bath towel, one beach towel, and a wash cloth. When the temperature dips, it includes two bath towels and a wash cloth.

Custom orders can be created to meet your needs.


Arrange for an array of personalized services to keep your event stress-free.

Let us take care of house set-up and break down, including provisioning, cleaning, and chamber services.

Free yourself up with a personal chef to create and serve meals and clean-up afterward.

Add driver and delivery services, babysitting, and indulge in massage and spa treatments to ensure the relaxed, care-free time you deserve.

Like our linens, custom services can be created to meet your needs.

Be sure to take a look at our Recommended Services page for florists, event planners, and other needs. Answers to most questions can be found on our Ordering Details or Price List pages.